Fitness Floor Policies

  • Appropriate exercise attire is expected. Shirts and shoes are required at all times. No sports bra only or bare chest.
  • Food is not permitted in activity spaces or fitness studios. Drinks in containers with lids are permitted.
  • Max weight load of 405 lb on all barbell and hex bar deadlifts. You must use bumper plates and perform lifts on a platform.
  • No olympic-style pulling or pressing movements, including cleans, jerks and snatches.
  • Re-rack all weight plates, dumbbells and accessories.
  • Do not lean bars, plates or other strength equipment against walls, mirrors or windows.
  • Wipe down strength and cardio equipment after use.
  • No dropping of barbells, dumbbells or weight plates.
  • Medicine balls, slam balls and other equipment is not to be thrown at walls.
  • Use of chalk is not permitted.
  • All equipment must remain on the fitness floor and may not leave the Fitness & Wellness Center.

Please report any equipment issues to on duty fitness staff.